We are Dancers NYC

“I love dancing because I’m free to make my own schedule and take time off when I need it. If I get bored at one club, there are always other clubs that will hire me, or I can go work as a cam girl.”

– Romana

Note: This website is no longer owned by original team, they continue their mission on wadusa.org and here we just put back information online for whom it may be useful.



Self-defense classes, support for survivors of crime and domestic violence, tips for screening customers, and a free car service for women!


Free STI testing and support, non-judgmental medical and mental health providers, and support for drug and alcohol use.

Beauty & Fitness

A random list of affordable stores, salons, and fitness centers we like!

Community & Further Reading

Connect with other dancers, online, in print, and in New York City!


A list of organizations providing free legal assistance for if you get arrested, if you need immigration assistance, or if you want to file a lawsuit against your club.


Dancer-friendly tax preparers, dollar-stretching resources, and information about public benefits.

Choosing a Club

When you’re deciding on a club — whether it’s your first job as a dancer or you’ve been working for years — there are several factors to consider.


We’re a group of current and former exotic dancers in New York City. We meet regularly to support each other and build community among dancers. If you are a current or former dancer and would like to join us, get in touch!

If you are a dancer in New York City and you feel your experiences are not reflected or your concerns are not addressed here, please get in touch and help us improve the site. This website is a work in progress!

You can get in touch with us here.

“Once my club was raided and I was arrested. The cops tried to make me talk to them without a lawyer. They told me it would make me look guilty if I called a lawyer.


” As a dark-skinned black woman, the number of clubs I can work at are limited. Even though I walk in looking fine, management just sees my race and automatically tells me they aren’t hiring. I know that’s no true, because my white friend may have just been hired at that same club!”